Remote Learning

Remote  Learning is very complicated  for me. it is embarrassing too ask a teacher a question during here meeting. I

still dont understand it even when she trys too help me. i cant focus  at house like i do at school .


sometimes i feel like she wont answer a my questions. sometimes i dont wanna interrupt here while she is talking . i feel like a student might say somthing. i dont know how too get my teachers attention.


i couldt figure out a problem. during her meetings she goes too fast and sometimes the  internet might not be fast while she is talking. she cant really help me during her meeting cause she not with me its not the same

they wont be quiet. my sister talks a lot while i try too do work. my mom might be talking or cooking and that makes a lot of noise. people text me and i get detracted fast

Its hard for me too fouce  while im at home. Its hard too get my teachers attention while she is working with another student. I get destracted fast meaning if someone texts me i will see who it is.


That’s why online school is very complicated . It hard too focus, it’s tembarassing o ask questions, and I don’t understand.  I hope they take off remote leanring.




Speech-Language Pathologists.

I hope to be a speech-language Pathologist.i will many job responsbillity.  i need the skills and education.the job out looks is postive.

SLP have responsibility. 3 thing they need too do is help the people who need help swalloing. they also help people with there nervous system.Also they help people speak and there language.

You have too haveSkills and educatin for this job.They have too get there master degree.They also need there licensed for the job.They have too complete 30 hours for 3 years.

jobs outlook is good. .During this job i will get $77,510 a year. it will also be growing 27%. I  will also help people during the job.

Katiniss and Tessie


Katniss and Tessie are the same in some ways but different in other. Neither  Katniss nor Tessie wanted too be in the lottery,However Katniss didn’t   force or want her sister too be in the lottery , but tessie wanted too have her freedom and told the people that they forgot her daughters name in the lottery.Also Katniss was a person who that fought and argued more, but Tessie was more like she let it happen to her . They also both lived in a distpoya

Katniss and tessie both lived an a distpoya world.  they both had an goverment that told them what too do. every year someone had too die.They also had lottery for who was gonna die that year.

Katniss hated the lottery . she said “im feeling naweous and so desperctely hoping that its not.” that shows that she feels sick of the lottery.

Tessie also hated the lottery. she said ” no dotn take me take my daughter”  she was priveing and begging too take her daughter instead of her too the lottery. Katniss said too pick her instead of her family or little sister.

Tessie and Katniss were both the same in diffrent ways. cause they both lived in a distpoya, but Katniss  hated the lottery and wanted too protect her family and sister but Tessie did not. this is how the two people were the same but in different  ways.

end of life

i feel like this world will go too an end by nuclear war . Between a lot of wars and terrorism that will blow up the world if there enough explosion.I also think that a also of exploding that could probably end human resources like oil and gas and air ..Also by shooting people and killing them. I also believe  this world is going too end by virus  that could kill a lot of people like the smell of to much gas due too the bomb the tarorist made too bomb country’s with the bomb.

a new me

in this year i want too live a different life style. i want to  start hanging out with my family more offen. .i want too sleep less during the day time so i can take out my dog in the morning.  I want play less games

in 2020 or this year im going to start too hang out with family more . I want too hang with my baby sister more beacuse she growing up too fast and im in my room more than out in the living room with my sister.I also wanna hang and spend time with my mom but she always at work and gets home around 5pm too 6pm. My family is first before everything they come first.

In this new year i want to sleep less during the day.The reason I wanna sleep less during the day cause I wanna be able too take my dog out and use the bathroom beacuse if I dont wake up on time she pee and poop all over the house. when I wake up I get really mad if she bathroom if she uses the bathroom, and in the moring. In the moring if I wake up around 10am I take a shower and I love when my hair drys up.

In the new year i want to play less games.During the day I wanna use my phone less games and less on my phone because it makes me have less time during the day and I  cant spend time with my family .Im more on my phone and im too lazy too do other stuff the during the day. it distracts me during the day and i cant do nothing.

these are the things i want too change for 2020. I will start too be with my family more,sleep less during the day,and also play less games.

this will be the best year and i wont stop till i achieve them.u gtgy=





My mom

My mom is a lovable person she is super nice.her smile is so beautiful,she always happy i dont know how she always has a smile on her face and how shes never mad

my Dog

i wounder if my dog has feelings like how humans do.i hate when shes barks because she usually barks for no reason.i love when i get her mad at me and she starts too bite me.

my phone

its pretty cool cause it dose some fun stuff and cool stuff,i use it a lot and im wounder if my mom ever gets mad at me because i use it alot,i dream that my whole family can have an iphone and stay as a Great family


I think world peace is needed

No more people hating each other. Not making fun of people, not hating people over skin color Love people instead of hating people

No more people starting religouis its killing people.No more starting wars.

After school

if we stayed after school ends. I would pick to be able to play games and watch a movie. Because i really like funny movies and play games, I also would want to be able to play games bacause i would be able to talk to me friends.I also wanna watch a funny movie because i really like funny movies and like to laugh. And because my mom do not get home untill 6pm or more

I went to the creek near my school

I went to the creek near my school.During the walk i saw a lot of thing.I saw some birds. i Also saw some big trees near me. I also saw a lot of insects near me and on me.

During the Walk in went on i saw a lot of birds. The birds made very loud noises.They also landed near me when i was walking near them. The birds where very annoying When they made the noise TWEEEEETTT TWEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!

Also during the walk i saw big trees. I saw huge massive tall trees during the walk . I also saw dead trees and animals  living in them . The trees where also wide .

Also during the walk i saw a lot of insects I saw a lot of spiders climbing on me and near me. The insects where everywhere everywhere i stepped.During the walk the spiders and ants where biting me on my legs.

I walked Through some spines and next too big trees i also saw big spiders. I went on. an walk and saw a lot of birds and trees and insects . I insist To the people who read this goes on a walk and sees the stuff in saw druing the amazing walk!.


My Satisfied Summer

This summer was great. I played A lot of games. I went to the beach. I also went to work with my dad to help him out during the summer to get more money.

During the summer i played a lot of games. i played the game Fortnite and a lot more of fun games. I also used my phone a lot to text my friend’s. I also used my tv and my Ps4 for watch and play games on it and watch youtube

I also went to the beach to get in the water to mess with the waves . I went in side the water.i Also went in the pool with family member.I also went to buy clothes at the beach.

during the Beach i also went with my dad ton